Brock Lesnar

He's out of the UFC now, but Brock Lesnar is still taking big hits. During WWE's "Hell in a Cell" battle between Lesnar and The Undertaker on Sunday night, Lesnar took a hit to the head that caused blood to pour all over him.

The bleeding got so bad that the WWE ringside doctor eventually had to step in and put things on hold so he could stop up it.

The show went on, but later, Lesnar needed additional treatment. He took a visit from a doctor and received nine staples to his head. WWE's Joey Styles shared photos of the damage:

The blood made for good drama, but it wasn't exactly an ideal situation for the WWE, which has a PG rating for television and wants to avoid too much gruesome blood and violence. The league has tried to reduce the amount of blood in its shows in recent years to maintain a larger TV audience.

But on Sunday night, those efforts didn't pan out. Fortunately, Lesnar is OK -- just don't ask him to pass that metal scalp through TSA security.

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