James Harden

Nobody thinks the Houston Rockets can actually upset the Warriors in round one of the NBA Playoffs. But usually when you say that, you're exaggerating: Of course someone out there thinks the Rockets have a chance.

Sports fans are delusional: They can talk themselves into anything. Surely there's a Houston fan out there that's willing to double-down on the home team.

But according to a local TV news station, that's not the case. A survey of how far fans expect the Rockets to go this year revealed a stunning, hilarious truth: Basically everyone rooting for the Rockets knows that team is going to get blown out of the water.

In a poll of "How Far Will They Go," 100 percent of fans picked the Rockets to lose to the Warriors.

TV Poll

That's some brutal fan pessimism for a team that made the Western Conference Finals last season. Then again, this is not the same team it once was: Houston squeaked into the playoffs as the eighth seed on the last day of the regular-season, and after it fired its head coach because of a poor start.

Golden State blitzed Houston last year when they met in the playoffs. Since then, the Warriors have gotten much better, while Houston has been a massive disappointment.

So yeah, don't blame fans for knowing what's coming.

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