Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson has said that his favorite workout routines come on leg days, and a recent Instagram photo does nothing to disprove that fact.

The 42-year-old professional wrestler-turned-actor posted a picture with him posing after a recent workout. And, by the looks of it, he's been putting plenty of work into his legs.

2 weeks away from shooting CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE - big action comedy with Kevin Hart and director Rawson Thurber (We Are The Millers). My character was relentlessly bullied in high school just because he was "different" than the rest of the students and never ran with the "cool crowd". He was chubby, eccentric and enjoyed singing chick songs. He quit high school, changed his name and years later became the CIA's most dangerous contract killer... and also the weirdest. I'm pushing all chips in - 100% committed to this character & story to bring y'all something good. He's dangerous, loyal, lovable, kinda f*cked up in the head and wears a beautiful fanny pack. #HelloMyNameIsBob #AndNoOneBulliesMeAnymore #CentralIntelligence #BOSTON

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Even for someone who has spent his life in pursuits that require his body be sculpted -- Johnson played collegiate football at Miami and then transitioned into a WWE star -- this is impressive.

There are several videos of Johnson working on his legs, which he had to sculpt in preparation for his lead in the 2014 film, Hercules.

Here's Johnson's full legs workout, which looks daunting to say the least.

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