By the time an NFL champion has been crowned this Sunday, more than $10 billion will have been wagered on the Super Bowl. More than half of that, bookmakers estimate, will come from traditional and creative prop bets.

Nevada gaming regulations restrict the creativity of prop bets for Las Vegas casinos by requiring their props to be directly related to specific game statistics. That’s where offshore betting sites pick up the slack.

While the Las Vegas Hilton won’t be able to create a prop bet for the duration of Christina Aguilera’s national anthem, some offshore bookmakers have done just that, setting the over/under for 1 minute, 50 seconds.

As the anticipation builds for Sunday’s big game, let’s take a look at some other creative props for Super Bowl XLV:

Fergie Dressing as Cowboys Cheerleader: 5-1

Fergie will join the Black Eyed Peas as part of the Super Bowl’s halftime show. Will she dress up as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for her performance? The odds have been set at 5-1. Fergie will be the first female singer to perform in the halftime act since Janet Jackson in 2004. Let’s hope everything stays in place this time around.

Color of Gatorade Bath

One of the Mikes will be soaked at the end of the game. Whether it’s Tomlin or McCarthy, we don’t know, but you can bet on the color of the fluid poured on him in celebration. Two of the most popular choices are yellow (3-2) and water/clear (2-1). No line on Cammy Cam Juice.

Number of Lockout References During Broadcast: 1.5

The NFL wants its fans to enjoy the product on the field Sunday, but it’s hard to get past the realization that the Super Bowl may be the last NFL football game we see for quite a while. Will that be a hot topic of discussion during the telecast? Not if Commissioner Roger Goodell can control it. Bookmakers guess that Fox won’t want to upset its NFL partner, and therefore the over/under on lockout references has been set at 1.5 for
announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Packers vs. Blake Griffin: Even

The Clippers play the Heat on Sunday, and what does that have to do with football? Well, you can put a few bucks on the Packers or Blake Griffin and guess who will score more points. The Packers have averaged fewer than two points more per game than Griffin this year.

Shaun Suisham/Mason Crosby vs. LeBron James: Even

Now it’s getting weird. Suisham, of the Steelers, and Crosby, of the Packers, will each probably have to make a couple field goals Sunday. But what’s the longest field goal going to be? More importantly, will the distance be greater than LeBron’s points and assists combined against the Clippers? LeBron is averaging about 26 points and seven assists this season.

A Shutout: 50-1

Good luck. It’s never been done.

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