Robert Horry won three of his seven NBA championships with Phil Jackson as coach, so he has a grasp of how the Zen Master works. But Horry said even with Jackson running the show as president of the Knicks, New York needs to show patience.

"I hate to say this, Knicks fans," Horry said at a Thuzio function. "Y'all going to be in the dumpster for a long time. Don't feel bad. The Lakers gonna be in the dump too."

Horry also said that at some point if Jackson the executive can bring in enough of the right players, that could be the time for Jackson the coach to return.

"You never know. If the team is good enough, the talent is good enough, he might just go back to the bench," Horry said. "But I'm telling you now. He ain't going down there unless they got a chance to win a championship."

Bill Cartwright and Robert Parish, who were also on some of the Jackson's championship teams, echoed the concept of patience for the Knicks. Here's their discussion: