The unexpected death of Tyler Lorenzi in 2011 sent his friends and family into shock.

Lorenzi was an active, fun-loving 23-year-old whose inspiration spread far and wide. In the wake of the boating accident in which Lorenzi died, a few of his friends set out to make a film documenting his life and the positive philosophy that made him such a motivating force.

The co-directors, Ben Prawer and Jesse Swedlund, used a list Lorenzi created of his favorite things to do in his hometown, San Francisco. The list includes all sorts of activities in the Bay Area and embodies Lorenzi's love for adventure. For their documentary, Prawer and Swedlund found three of Lorenzi's friends from different points in his life. They brought these three to San Francisco and gave them the list, allowing them to explore the city through the eyes of their friend.

"In the process," the filmmakers write on their website, "[Lorenzi's friends] ultimately learn that while we can't choose how we will die, we can choose how we will live.'

Below is the trailer for Ty's List:

For more information or to support the film, check out the Ty's List website.

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