Fantasy Sports Network is the first TV channel dedicated exclusively to the coverage of fantasy sports. Launched in the spring, the channel has limited distribution in the United States and Canada. But it took a big step toward expanding its profile this week by bringing aboard Basketball Hall of Famer Julius Erving.

Through his company, Dr. J. Enterprises, Erving will serve as strategic adviser.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer put it, Erving's mission to help Fantasy Sports Network "gain coverage with video giants like Comcast, DirectTV and AT&T, and marketing partnerships with pro leagues and advertisers."

Fantasy Sports Network does not offer fantasy games. Rather, its mission is to serve the growing industry of fantasy sports by providing content and analysis.

The company's decision to add Erving speaks to the growth potential of basketball within fantasy sports. Baseball established roots early from the days when this sort of activity was known as rotisserie leagues. Football has since become the behemoth.

But particularly with more companies offering shorter-term options instead of having to play for an entire season, basketball become attractive becomes it has an inventory action. Each NFL team plays just 16 games while it's 82 for NBA clubs.

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