Have you ever been stroking a man's hair at a sporting event and proceeded to act suspicious when national television cameras are turned toward you?

That happened to Kaleigh Lambert, 23, at the Sugar Bowl on Thursday. Lambert was running her fingers through the hair of the Buckeyes fan next to her when ESPN fixated on her. She moved her hand away, showed fear in her eyes and scratched (or picked) her nose. The video went viral, as the blond man was deemed Lambert's "side dude" on Vine.

In 2015, stories do not end this quickly. An explanation was forthcoming.

The Daily Mail (that's right, all the way in Britain) got a hold of Lambert's mother, Suzanne, who identified the man as Colton Mullholland. Suzanne said Kaleigh has been dating Mullholand for "quite some time." Kaleigh works as a substitute teacher in Ohio. According to Suzanne, who posted the video on her own Facebook page, Kaleigh, "wasn't guilty of anything."

Here are some pictures from Facebook of the couple, including one from the game:

EveryJoe.com notes Colton Mullholland is also known as Colton Becker. Gawker also cleared the air with a Facebook post from Lambert's cousin:

A Twitter user named Outback Jesus (@CunninghamC16), seeming to be a friend, displayed the video in reverse, as found on Reddit:

As for the play, Mullholand was reacting to a punt from Ohio State's Cameron Johnston that traveled all of 21 yards. The Buckeyes intercepted Alabama on the next play en route to a 42-35 win.

There is no word on whether the couple will be making the trip to Arlington, Texas, for the National Championship Game.

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