If New Jersey governor Chris Christie fancies himself as a blunt, tell-it-like-it-is politician, his latest quote making the rounds certainly backs up that argument.

But it might not put him in the good graces of certain key voters.

Earlier this season, as Christie's beloved Dallas Cowboys took on the Philadelphia Eagles in a game that ultimately decided who won the NFC East, The New York Times reports that Christie was critical of the Philly fan base.

The governor was reportedly overhead saying, "These Philadelphia fans, they are the worst in America."

An interesting side note: many of those terrible fans reside in Christie's state, and may have supported him in past elections. New Jersey lies just over the Delaware River from Philadelphia, and many residents of New Jersey -- particularly its southern half -- root for the Eagles over any other team.

Christie is a diehard Cowboys fan, perhaps the Eagles' greatest football rivals. That makes him a target for jeering and heckling from fans. And he hasn't taken it well, placing those fans in a class all by themselves.

It's an intriguing stance from a man who is rumored to be considering a run at the 2016 election. Alienating a city by insulting its NFL fan base is not exactly in the book of political best practices. Christie likely doesn't intend to be the type of candidate that plays it safe, but his statements are nonetheless a hefty risk to take on even before the 2016 race gets underway.

Let us not forget that just over a year earlier, Christie criticized Hillary Clinton for fashioning herself both a Chicago Cubs fan and a New York Yankees fan.

Sure, Clinton's remarks reeked of sports ignorance. But that doesn't mean Christie's won't cut deeper in the long run.

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