Nick Mangold is 6-foot-4, 307 pounds, and heavy on the beard. Much like a grizzly bear, he's not something you want to bump into unexpectedly.

A new commercial from Pepsi takes advantage of this dynamic by stuffing Mangold into a Pepsi fridge at a gas station in New Jersey. When unsuspecting Hess customers open the door expecting to find a wall of 20-ounce bottles, they instead find Mangold, who's eager to snap the ball -- that is, the soft drink.

A series of shoppers take part in the shenanigans, and some play the role of quarterback better than others. The highlight comes when one shopper falls over a table trying to reel in a shotgun snap that soars a little too high:

It might not make you thirsty, but at least you can appreciate the thankless work that comes with hiking the ball.

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