One year ago, Ted Lasso turned heads by leaving the American football sphere to coach soccer in England. Unfortunately for Lasso, the transition to Tottenham Hotspur from the NFL was not a success and the coach lost his job.

Of course, Lasso is actually actor Jason Sudeikis, a former "Saturday Night Live" cast member and star of the films "Horrible Bosses" and "We're the Millers." NBC holds the TV rights to the Premier League in the United States and uses Lasso/Sudeikis to play up the coverage.

This year, Lasso again returns to YouTube to promote NBC Sports. This year, Lasso has moved into broadcasting as he waits for a coaching post. Cameos from Tim Howard, Arlo White and Rebecca Lowe:

The Premier League returns to NBC and its affiliates Aug. 16. The end of the video teases Lasso being offered a job at Leicester City F.C., a club promoted to the Premiership this season after finishing first in The Championship (English second-tier division) in 2013-14. This should lead to a third video in the series.

For reference, here was Lasso's first appearance last year:

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