It's that time of the year again for one Denver retailer.

The Appliance Factory Outlet is holding its annual Broncos-Raiders promotion this week in advance of Sunday's game between Denver and Oakland. If the Broncos shut out the Raiders on Sunday, the store will reimburse $1 million worth of appliances purchased between Sept. 25 and Sept. 29.

If, for example, you were to purchase a a king-size washer for $399, and then Denver's defense held Carson Palmer and Co. scoreless, you would get a full rebate for the washer.

While the folks at Appliance Factory Outlet do appear to be rooting for the Broncos to pull off the shutout, history and statistics suggest this is a good wager for them. For starters, shutouts are extremely rare in the NFL. A few years ago, Pat Kirwan of calculated that blank slates occurred in roughly two percent of all NFL games.

And while Oakland's offense has been inconsistent, the Raiders are only slightly below average in both total yards-per-game and scoring offense. Meanwhile, Denver ranks 21st in scoring defense, and the Broncos haven't shut out the Raiders since 1995.

(H/T to Yardbarker)

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