There are lots of aspects of recruiting that college coaches don't enjoy. The constant travel, the wavering recruits, the hours upon hours of watching high school games.

But something tells us Michigan coach Brady Hoke will look back fondly on his visit to four-star defensive tackle Bryan Mone's house.

Mone committed to Michigan earlier this year, and Hoke was probably stopping by his Salt Lake City home to make sure he is still steadfast in his commitment (unlike one of Michigan's other top recruits).

As is custom, Hoke sat down with Mone's family for dinner. And let's just say Mone didn't get to be 6-foot-4 and 315 pounds by eating salad.

In a picture shared by Steve Lorenz of 247Sports, Hoke is in the midst of taking down a huge plate of food. And if you'll notice there's plenty more on the table.

Hoke has never been afraid to show his affinity for meats, and there's even a blog with various (doctored) images of him chowing down.

If more recruits' families were like Mone's, the process would probably be a lot more fun for coaches. However if that were the case, more coaches would be sporting waist lines similar to Hoke's.

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