Arthur Jones decided to treat himself to a new Corvette. But he made the big mistake of not taking the car for a test drive.

Why does that matter? Well, as it turns out, Jones brought the car home only to discover an unfixable problem: The 6-foot-3, 337-pound defensive end can't fit in the driver's seat.

Wish I could fit. Guess it's going back to the dealer. Lol Way up i feel blessed! #bigboyproblems

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"Wish I could fit. Guess it's going back to the dealer," writes Jones on Instagram, along with the hashtag #bigboyproblems.

Jones, who signed with the Colts last year after four seasons with the Ravens, probably paid around $55,000 for that Corvette, which is the base price for that model. There's that whole saying about a new car losing a quarter of its value the moment it rolls off the lot, but maybe the dealer will cut him a break and take it back. After all, if the guy can't fit in the front seat, you can't really argue that the vehicle has been previously used.

As for Jones, he'll need to find himself a vehicle more accommodating to his lineman-sized frame. May we suggest a Hummer?

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